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Tiếng anh 12
Level 2 - Bài số 7
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Tỉ lệ % = (số đáp án đúng / tổng số câu hỏi) * 100.
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* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng > 80% : +5 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 70% và <= 80% : +3 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 60% : +2 điểm
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Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.              Each year, the United States government publishes the Occupational Outook Handbook. This large book (1)________ over 250 kinds of jobs. It describes job duties, working conditions, education needed, and salary. Most important, it gives the job outlook. That is, it tells how (2)__________ openings there will be for a job in the coming year. If the outlook is excellent, there will be a great (3)___________ for workers. There will be more jobs than people. If the outlook is good, the number of jobs and the number of workers will be about the (4)____ . If the outlook is poor, there will be more workers than jobs. It will be very difficult to (5)_______ work in that kind of job. This chapter will describe the job outlook for some jobs.          The outlook for farmers is (6)______ . Farms will become larger and use better machinery to plant food. Many small farms will go (7)______ business.       The future for high school teachers is poor, too. Because families are having (8)_____ children, schools will need fewer teachers. There will be a need for math and science teachers, but some history and English teachers will (9)______  their jobs.        The job outlook for radio and TV technicians is excellent. Families will buy more (10)_____ equipment, such as televisions, stereos, tape recorders, video games, etc.       The Occupational Outlook Handbook is in the library. It can tell you if the I work you are interested in has a future or not.   1. A. speaks                 B. prescribe                     C. translates                  D. lists 2. A. much                    B. many                           C. far                              D. long 3. A. need                    B. work                            C. storage                      D. inquiry 4. A. similar                  B. alike                             C. same                          D. likelihood 5. A. search                  B. find                              C. look                           D. prepare 6. A. poor                     B. good                            C. excellent                    D. small 7. A. into                      B. among                         C. out of                         D. outside 8. A. more                    B. less                              C. bigger                        D. fewer 9. A. lose                     B. open                             C. close                          D. explore 10. A. furniture            B . electronic                     C.cookery                       D. office Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:               Higher education institutions are permitted to charge fees, subject to government regulations (1)__________ fee levels, the categories of students permitted to pay reduced fees or exempted from paying fees altogether, and the institutions' use of the fees they collect.             Under these measures, institutions have a measure of discretion (2)_________  the level of tuition fees charged, but they are required to (3)__________ their revenue to the line ministry or provincial governments that oversee their operations. Now, fees may also be charged for special services, such (4)________ matriculation, examinations, boarding and graduation. In addition, institutions may enter into "training contracts" with (5)________ or provincial authorities to provide in-service training. The fees charged for these services (6)______ not regulated and may be set at full cost-recovery.             The current policies on fees and fee exemptions do not take family (7)________  into account in determining how much different families or students pay. In higher education, fee (8)______ for different programs are supposed to reflect priority subject areas, while specific categories of students, (9)______ war invalids, orphans and ethnic minorities, may be granted fee exemptions. In the interest of equity objectives the government does provide scholarships and has recently established a student loan scheme, on a pilot basis, to assist students whose families cannot (10)______ the fees or other private costs of public education.     1. A. at                       B. in                         C. with                           D. on 2. A. considering        B. regarding             C. suggesting                D. thinking                     3. A. report                B. advise                  C. show                         D. worship                     4. A. like                     B. too                       C. as                              D. so 5. A. lawyers              B. employers            C. trainers                      D. lecturers 6. A. do                      B. have                     C. were                          D. are 7. A. income               B. salary                   C. expenditure               D. wage 8. A. marks                B. levels                    C. grades                       D. pressures 9. A. consisting          B. combining             C. including                    D. gathering 10. A. open               B. invest                    C. offer                           D. afford  

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