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Tiếng anh 12
Level 2 - Bài số 5
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Tỉ lệ % = (số đáp án đúng / tổng số câu hỏi) * 100.
Điểm thành tích:
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng > 80% : +5 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 70% và <= 80% : +3 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 60% : +2 điểm
Thành viên VIP được +1 cho điểm thành tích đạt được

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:          Last year saw a double first for the South East Asian Games (SEA Games), a regional (1)________event held every two years. Eleven countries (2)_______ in the prestigious event, the 22nd in the contest's history, but it was the first time it had been (3)________ by Vietnam, and the first time it was designated tobacco-free.         This meant much more than simply (4)_______ smoking in sports arenas; all related venues, indoor or outdoor, training areas, athletes’ living quarters and staff areas, were made smoke-free, and a comprehensive range of other measures (5)_______ to ensure that any opportunity for promotion was left (26)_______ it belongs—in the hands of health, not tobacco.         Key players in the substantial task of planning and implementing the (7)________ included the World Health Organization (WHO)—the move was initiated to (8)_________ the tobacco-free sports strategy developed by (9)________ Western Pacific region in 2002—and Vietnam’s ministry of health, (10) _________ its national tobacco control programme VINACOSH (Vietnam Committee on Smoking and Health)     1. A. physics                 B. mathematics                   C. athletics                D. statistics 2. A. worked                 B. participated                    C. concentrated         D. scarified 3. A. hosted                  B. prepared                        C. played                   D. happened 4. A. stopping               B. prohibiting                      C. quitting                  D. banning  5. A. pointed                 B. aimed                             C. forced                    D. showed  6. A. that                      B. which                              C. who                       D. where 7. A. policy                    B. statement                       C. request                 D. object  8. A. encourage            B. support                           C. agree                    D. supply 9. A. his                        B. our                                  C. its                          D. their 10. A. through              B. with                                C. for                          D.about Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:         A species that faces overexploitation is one (1)___________ may become severely endangered or even extinct due to the (2)________ in which the species is being used. Unrestricted whaling during the 20th century is an example of overexploitation, and the whaling (3)_________ brought many species of whales to extremely low (4)_______  sizes. When several whale species were nearly extinct, a (5)____________ of nations agreed to abide by an international moratorium on whaling. Due to this moratorium,some whale species, such as the grey whale, have (6)________ remarkable comebacks, while others (7)___________ threatened or endangered.            Due to the (8)_______ in animal parts, many species continue to suffer high rates of exploitation. Even today, there are (9)_______ for items such as rhino horns and tiger bones in several areas of Asia. It is here that there exists a strong market (10)____ traditional medicines made from these animal parts.   1. A. that                B. who                  C. whom                  D. where 2. A. measure         B. speed               C. rate                     D. ratio 3. A. company        B. employment      C. agency                 D. industry 4. A. people           B. population         C. humanity             D. mankind 5. A. total              B. number              C. sum                     D. crowd 6. A. made             B.done                  C. opened                D. produced 7. A. prepared       B. waited               C. remain                 D. come 8. A. purchase       B. agreement        C. exchange             D. trade 9. A. requirement  B. suggestions      C. demands              D. wishes 10. A. with            B. of                       C. at                         D. for  

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