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Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question:        When people plan to marry, they expect to find in their partner not only a lover but a friend also. They find a person with whom they can share their opinions, their emotions, thoughts and fears. In marriage we are looking for a partner who will be able to understand our values, our likes and dislikes.        If a man and a woman are born and raised in the same country, most likely they are familiar with the same songs, movies, jokes, books and life in general. They basically have the same roots. In the case of a western man and foreigr woman family everything is more complicated and requires much more patience and understanding from both spouses. On one hand each of the partners has an opportunity to learn a great deal about the other’s country, culture, traditions and life styles which can be very interesting. On the other hand it can be very disappointing if there is the inability to understand your partner’s excitements and frustrations. For example, you are watching the television and suddenly you see a famous actor or singer, or other type of an artist whose name you have grown up with. Maybe this artist was an idol for your parents and the music of this artist was often played in your house when you were a child. Unfortunately you realize that your wife is unable to understand your feelings because she has no idea who this artist is. Her eyes are absolutely empty because she has never even heard the song before. You feel rather disappointed! Remember that your wife has the same situation with you. You do not know her country’s songs, her country’s famous actors, her books. She has her own memories and in actuality, for her, everything is much more difficult than it is for you. At least, you live in your own country whore everybody can understand you. She lives in completely strange surroundings, where she has nobody to share her feelings with, except you.         Do some research and learn about your wife’s country, culture and lifestyles. Talk with her, ask her questions, get to know what songs she likes, what movies and books are of interest to her. The Internet will give you a great opportunity to find anything! Tell her about your country’s culture, let her listen to the music that you like, rent a movie for her that left you with great impression. Let her understand you better through the things that you like. Patience and time will help you to fight cultural differences.   1. A spouse should ________________. A. let the partner to do everything alone B. be not only a lover but also a friend C. not share the feelings with the partner D. not interfere with what the partner’s likes and dislikes 2. According to the passage, _________________. A. Spouses who have the same nationality need more patience and understanding in their marriage than those who are from different cultures. B. Spouses who are from different cultures need more patience and understanding in their marriage than those who have the same roots. C. Spouses who have the same roots do not share anything together. D. Spouses who are from different cultures can never share anything together. 3. If there is the inability to understand a spouse’s excitements and frustrations in the marriage, he or she may feel _____________. A. faithful            B. hopeless           C. disappointed          D. happy 4. The passage is _____________. A. critical            B. convincing         C. advisory             D. apologetic 5. To overcome cultural differences in marriage needs _____________. A. patience and time                B. time and money C. movies and music                 D. books and the Internet

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