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Tiếng anh 12
Level 1 - Bài số 5
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Tỉ lệ % = (số đáp án đúng / tổng số câu hỏi) * 100.
Điểm thành tích:
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng > 80% : +5 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 70% và <= 80% : +3 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 60% : +2 điểm
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Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:                                                           FAMILY HISTORY         In an age when technology is developing faster than ever before, many people are being (1)___________ to the idea of looking back into the past. One way they can do this is by investigating their own family history. They can try to (2)_________ out more about where their families came from and what they did. This is now a fast-growing hobby, especial in countries with a (3)________ short history, like Australia and the United States.         It is (4)__________ thing to spend some time (5)_______ through a book on family history and to take the (6)_______ to investigate your own family’s past. It is(7)_______ another to carry out the research work successfully. It is easy to set about it in a disorganised way and (8)__________ yourself many problems which could have been (9)________ with a little forward planning.       If your own family stories tell you that you are (10)_________ with a famous character, whether hero or criminal, do not let this idea take over your research. Just (11)________ it as an interesting possibility. A simple system (12)________ collecting and storing your information will be adequate to start with; a more complex one may only get in your (13)________ . The most important thing, though, is to (14)_______ started. Who knows what you (15)________ find?   1. A. pushed                      B. attracted                   C. fetched                  D. brought 2. A. lay                             B. make                         C. put                         D. find 3. A. fairly                          B. greatly                       C. mostly                    D. widely 4. A. a                                B. one                            C. no                          D. some 5. A. seeing                       B. moving                       C. going                     D. living 6. A. idea                           B. plan                            C. purpose                D. decision 7. A. quite                          B. just                             C. more                     D.even 8. A. produce                     B. cause                          C. build                      D. create 9. A. missed                       B. lost                             C. avoided                 D. escaped 10. A. connected                B. joined                        C. attracted                D. related 11. A. treat                        B. control                        C. contract                 D. direct 12. A. with                         B. by                               C. for                          D. through 13. A. track                        B. path                            C. road                       D. way 14. A. get                           B. appear                        C. be                          D. feel 15. A. should                      B. might                          C. ought                     D. must  

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