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Inversion and Tag questions/question phrases

I- Inversion

1. After negative or semi-negative adverbs (Never, seldom, rarely, hardly,...)

Ex: Never in my life have I smoked.
Ex: Seldom does she watch TV at noon.

2. After Only (in a phrase or a clause).

Ex: Only in this country did I hear the news.

3. So or Neither/ Nor at the front position.

Affirmative verbs: I my friends.
Negative verbs: I can my friends.

4. So / Such... That takes the front position of a sentence

Ex: So young is he that he can’t go to school alone.
Ex: Such was the response to our appeal that we had to take on more staff.


II- Tag questions/question phrases

S-V............., S-V (not) + S (personal pronoun)?
S-V (not)........, S-V + S (personal pronoun)?

Ex: doesn’t he?
Ex: will they?


1. aren’t I?

2. does he

3. are they?

4. didn’t it?

5. isn’t there?


Lưu ý các câu mệnh lệnh sau (imperatives):

Give me a hand, will you Do sit down, won’t you? (BE)
Open a window, would you Shut up, can’t you?
Don’t forget, will you?     Let’s have a party, shall we?



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