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Bài số 5
Tiếng anh 10
Level 2 - Bài số 5
Số câu hỏi: 2
Thời gian làm bài: 20 phút
Yêu cầu nhiệm vụ: 2/2
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Tỉ lệ % = (số đáp án đúng / tổng số câu hỏi) * 100.
Điểm thành tích:
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng > 80% : +5 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 70% và <= 80% : +3 điểm
* Với bài làm có tỉ lệ đúng >= 60% : +2 điểm
Thành viên VIP được +1 cho điểm thành tích đạt được

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:         In 1952 Mother Terera (1)_______ the first Home for the Dying in Calcutta. Over some years, Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity grew from twelve to thousands, serving "the poorest of (2)________ poor" in 450 centers around the world. Mother Teresa created many homes for the dying and the unwanted from Calcutta to New York. She was one of the first to establish homes for AIDS (3)________. For more than 45 years, Mother Teresa comforted the poor,the dying, and the unwanted around the world.         In 1979, Mother Teresa (4)________ awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, "for work undertaken in the struggle to (5)________ poverty and distress, (46) also constitute a (7)_______ to peace." She refused the conventional ceremonial banquet given to laureates, and gave $6,000 to the poor in Calcutta, claiming the money would permit her (8)_________ hundreds of needy for a year. When Mother Teresa received the prize, she was asked, "What can we do to promote world (9)_________ ?" Her answer was simple: "Go home and love your family." In the same year, she was also awarded the Balzan Prize for promoting peace and brotherhood (10)_________ the nations. 1. A. opened B. installed C. turned D. raised 2. A. a B. an C. the D. Ø 3. A. enjoyers B. deservers C. awarders D. patients 4. A. is B. was C. has been D. had been 5. A overcome B. support C. protest D. protect 6. A. that B. which C. who D. whose 7. A. threat B. threaten C. threatened  D. threatening 8. A. feed B. to feed C. fed D. feeding 9. A. peaceful B. peaceable C. peacefully D. peace 10. A. in B. between C. among D. with Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:        My home is in the air - I do an enormous amount of travelling. It is a fast life and (1)_______ of work, but I like it and that is the only way (2)________ me.        Everything is tiring - music, travelling - but what can I do? I am not (3)_________ to complaining. It is hard to imagine now (4)_________ I will ever be very long in one place. My home town is on the Caspian Sea. There is sea, wind, sun and (5)_________  many tourists and hotels. I have my own flat with four or five rooms, but I am seldom there. If I am there for a day or two I prefer to (6)________ with my mother and grandmother. They live in a small house, (7)___________ it is very comfortable and my mother cooks for me. I like food, simple food.        I have no wife, no brothers or sisters and my father (8)_______ when I was seven. He was an engineer and I don't (9)__________ him very well. He liked music very much and wanted me to (10)___________ a musician.   1. A. most                   B. full                      C. complete                     D. more 2. A. for                      B. to                        C. in                                D. by 3. A. wanted              B. taken                  C. used                           D. known 4. A.and                     B. so                       C. while                           D. that 5. A. far                      B. too                     C. much                           D. more 6. A. stay                   B. go                       C. do                               D.spend 7. A. but                    B. since                   C. even                            D. which 8. A. killed                 B. gone                   C. passed                         D. died 9. A. know                 B. remember           C. remind                         D. see 10. A. become           B. turn                     C. develop                       D. grow  

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